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About Brian Madigan

Life Path Mentor, Vancouver BC

My Background

Brian Madigan Brian launched Energy Works Wellness, an energy healing and transformational coaching practice in 2007, expanding on his part-time Reiki and Shiatsu work. While coaching allowed Brian to bring all his skills to bear, he quickly realized he was ignoring a vital part of his clients' lives: spirit.


Throughout his life and into today, Brian carries a fundamental truth. He describes it as an "absolute confidence that whatever is happening, it's happening for a reason." That view has evolved somewhat, and it informs his life and his practice. "As long as I align with the universe, listen, and really move myself to where the universe is trying to move me, then I'll always be well."

That philosophy carries into his work. "The techniques and practices are all very adaptable, no matter what your faith. That's the beauty. None of it asks people to give up what they know." While it does require an openness, a curiosity, Brian's contagious enthusiasm puts skeptics at ease. But it's the accuracy and insight that earns his clients' trust and gives them real-life results. And that, he says, is the most important measure of success for him now.


E-mail Brian, or call him at 604-626-6277.



Hawaiian Energy Work, Advanced Practitioner
Advanced Neuro-dynamics, Kona Hawaii, 1993 through 1998


Seichem Reiki, Master Practitioner, Teacher
Life Source Dynamics, Vancouver BC, 1998, 1999

Registered Reiki Practitioner, International Association of Reiki Professionals


Zen Shiatsu, Certified Therapist
Zen Shiatsu Institute (Kokoro Dojo), Toronto ON, 1995, 1996


Neurolinguistic Programming, Master Practitioner
Meta Integration Inc., Toronto ON, 1994
N. L. Palmer and Associates, the NLP Institute, White Rock BC, 2002, 2003


Ifa Priest

Olowu, Ifa Foundation of North America, Ormond Beach, Florida, 2007

Thank you for visiting my site. I know that I can be of assistance to you in finding freedom from fear and anxiety you may be experiencing in your life so that you can live the life you’ve always wanted.


Please contact me by sending an email to or via phone at (604) 626-6277 to discover how I can help.


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